Mitek: Making life easier, one mobile image at a time…

By James DeBello, CEO Mitek Systems

Convenient. Easy. Instant. Fun. These are some of the words that people use when they deposit checks using their smartphone cameras. What was once a mundane and time-consuming task has actually become an enjoyable process.

This is what Mitek Mobile is about.

As the leader in Mobile Deposit®, we’ve helped hundreds of financial institutions like Chase, US Bank, and many of the top retail banks deliver convenient and innovative Mobile Deposit solutions to their customers. New deployments of this technology are being rolled out every day. In fact, more than 10 billion, yes, 10 BILLION dollars have been deposited from smartphones around the country.

And to think so many people said that this technology wasn’t going to take off.

Forrester recently reported that, “No mobile feature has made as big an impact as quickly as mobileremote deposit capture (RDC)… We believe mobile RDC willsoon be table stakes for direct providers and large, national banks.”

At Mitek, we continue to push the boundaries of what can be done with smartphone images. We have some of the world’s leading mathematicians and software engineers perfecting new technologies to address the complex challenges associated with capturing data from images.

As smartphone and tablet users, we are all consumers of this technology – we’re always asking tough questions and looking toward the future:

  • How can we make other mundane tasks like shopping for car insurance or a better credit card interest rate easy and convenient?
  • How can we provide the 60 million “underbanked” who we know are not “underphoned” with innovative mobile financial solutions – like the mobile check cashing for prepaid card funding announcement we made a few weeks ago?
  • Why should people have to go to a bank, a company, or even sit down at their laptop to perform a task that can be done from their smartphone or tablet?
  • Who wouldn’t rather pay a bill instantly by snapping a few photos with their smartphone than sit down and write out a check?

There are a few ankle-biter companies out there that are trying to compare their technology to Mitek’s but there isn’t a company out there with a patented portfolio of solutions like Mitek, nor the breadth and depth of experience.

We are innovators in the business of anticipating how the smartphone camera can and will be used. With Mitek, think instant, think secure, think accurate, think convenient – and think fun. Stay tuned, we have a lot more coming this year!

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