Are You an Android User?

American subscribers with smartphones running Google’s Android operating system spend an average of 56 minutes each day actively interacting with applications and the mobile web according to new data published by Nielsen. Users spend 67% of that time immersed in Android apps, with the remaining 33% devoted to accessing the web.

Although there are presently more than 250,000 applications available for download via Google’s Android Market, a small fraction of them dominate consumer activity and interest. Nielsen states that the top ten Android apps account for 43% of all time spent interacting with apps, and the top 50 apps account for 61% of all time spent. “That means the remaining 249,950+ apps have to compete for the remaining 39% of the pie,” writes Nielsen director of telecom research and insights Don Kellogg on the firm’s blog.

Android closed out June 2011 controlling 40.1% of the U.S. smartphone market, up 2.0% month-over-month and increasing 5.4% since March 2011, research firm comScore reported earlier this month. Apple’s iOS was the only other mobile platform to grow during the period, increasing 1.1% over March to capture 26.6% of the U.S. smartphone segment. Research In Motion’s fading BlackBerry platform now makes up 23.4%.


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