Mobile is Moving!

Mobile Dependence is continuing as U.S. smartphone usage has grown 60% in the past 12 months … and is expected to grow another 49% in 2011.

This rate of growth is four times faster than the overall mobile phone market with key growth areas being new cell-phone owners jumping directly to smartphones and current users rapidly upgrading technology.

As of a few months ago:

– 89% of U.S. online consumers age 15+ own a cell phone
– 41% own a smartphone (with email capabilities, Web access, and other advanced functionality)
– 48% own a feature phone (typically limited to calling and text messaging)
– Just 11% don’t own a cell phone

But what are smartphone owners doing besides becoming Angry Birds addicts? Almost 53% of smartphone owners say they use all the functions of their smartphone, declaring that “It’s my life.” Another 30% say they use all the basic functions of their device, plus a few apps. And almost 17% use their smartphones exclusively for calling, text messaging, and email. The many applications that are readily available are the main drivers of the smartphone market growth – they help users perform tasks quicker and more efficiently.


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