Android Continues to Grow

Consumers are activating more than half a million Android devices every day, which is an increase of about 25 percent from early May, according to Andy Rubin, who heads Google Inc’s Android software business. Google had mentioned back in May that about 400,000 Android devices were being activated daily, and then even earlier, December to be exact, Rubin tweeted that daily Android phone activations had surpassed 300,000.

Rubin said the Android week-by-week growth rate is currently at 4.4 percent but he did not disclose, in his Tuesday announcement on Twitter, how many of the devices being activated are smart phones and how many are tablet computers, a relatively new competitive battleground in wireless devices.

Android smart phones have surpassed Apple Inc’s iPhone in popularity as the Google software powers the main handsets of manufacturers such as Samsung Electronics Co Ltd, HTC Corp and Motorola Mobility Holdings Inc.

Android has grown very rapidly since its introduction to the smartphone arena not too long ago and today is a very dominant player. With more and more companies offering devices utilizing Google’s platform and striving to create an app for almost everything we will continue to see Android grow.


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