Make Bills Fun!

There’s something about paying bills – the checkbook, the stamps, the envelopes, the taste of the adhesive – that just rubs everyone the wrong way. It isn’t even the money making a one-way march out of everyones accounts, that’s just inevitable. If we never had to deal with a paper bill again, I believe that people would be a lot happier.

Well, Mitek Systems a pioneer in the image analytics space has developed yet another ground breaking application that has been spurring great interest. Mobile Photo Bill Pay is a recently developed application from Mitek that allows a user to pay their paper bills from their iPhone, Android and Blackberry.

Paying bills has never been easier. With Mobile Photo Bill Pay from Mitek Systems, built using it’s Mobile Document Capture™ technology, you just use your smartphone to snap a picture of your bill, verify the payment information and hit “PAY”.

It’s the easiest way to pay non-recurring bills. You may ask, why not simply use your bank account? well, while paying bills like your electricity or Internet might be simple to automate through your bank’s website, this app is for the random nonrecurring bills, but you can also automatically add recurring bills payee information to online bill payment. This is just another great idea from Mitek, expect many more to come.


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