Interesting Smartphone Stats

One in three smartphone owners use apps before they get out of bed, according to a survey, revealing how mobile devices are becoming ingrained in everyday behavior.

“Prior to the introduction of smartphones,” according to the study, “consumers tended to use the Internet in ‘chunks’ — they would tend to confine their Internet activities to when they had an opportunity to sit in front of a computer.”

In addition, over half of U.S., Europe and Japan smartphone owners use their device while commuting to work. And the same amount use their phones for non-voice activities pretty constantly all day long — with the exception of dinner time, when only 26 percent are multitasking with their phones.

Usage is heaviest in the early and late evenings, when over 60 percent of users are active. And 40 percent use their smartphones before going to bed.

The study’s report says “app culture is growing in importance and turning into a new way of living,” as consumers expect and depend on accessing online services “at low cost and complexity from multiple locations during the day.”


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