Smartphones Can Do A Lot

As you may have heard, Cisco recently discontinued its Flip camcorder. The Flip was a small video camera with internal memory that transferred files to a PC or a Mac via a little USB adapter that “flipped” out of the unit. It was an ingenious and revolutionary product that, last year, was the top-selling video camera with 26 percent market share. Some analysts are saying Cisco killed the Flip — which it acquired about two years ago — so it could better focus on its core networking business, but, if someone were to do an autopsy on the little camcorder, I have a feeling that the cause of death would be blamed, at least in part, on smartphones.

Just about all of today’s smartphones, digital cameras — and now even tablets and the new iPod touch — have video cameras, and some of them are quite good. And with smartphone cameras, you’re able to upload or email those videos and still pictures without having to connect to a PC. The iPhone 4, for example, has an excellent video camera that makes it very easy to share your masterpiece on YouTube with a single tap to the screen.
Pocket camcorders are not the only product category that’s at risk because of smartphones. Though small digital cameras aren’t yet on the endangered species list, it’s only a matter of time before cellphone cameras are just as good for the types of photos people typically take with pocket cameras. Many people using their iPhones and Androids instead of stand-alone cameras to snap pictures of their friends.

One reason, of course, is that you always have your phone with you while most people only think to take their camera along for special occasions. But it’s also very cool to be able to take a picture and immediately post it on Facebook or email it to friends. The apps on smartphones are also utilizing the technology that other devices were created for. Items such as watches, cameras, gps devices, audio players, etc. – this list can go on for a while and gets bigger everyday.


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