41% Want to Pay Their Bills on Their Phone

A recent survey by Nuance Communication revealed that 41 percent of consumers would like to pay bills on their mobile phone. The survey also revealed that 84 percent of consumers contact customer service via their mobile phone and 16 percent use an existing application on their mobile phone to do so. The survey found that there are a variety of tasks that consumers would like to complete on their mobile phone but currently cannot.

For example, 41 percent of consumers say that they would like to pay – phone, utilities and credit cards – on their mobile phone, while another 47 percent said that they would like to check their account balance via mobile for companies they do business with. Nearly 70 percent would like the ability to automatically run a diagnostic program and fix their phone when there is an issue with it, while 51 percent say that they would like to be able to self-activate their phone upon purchase.

Ms. Pandya, director of product management at Nuance, Sunnyvale, CA said that she expected consumers to want increased automation with their mobile devices – Mobile payments is just starting to trend in the United States, in comparison to developing regions that have been driving rapid adoption of mobile payment for some time now.


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