Increasing Numbers of Smartphones

Market Force Information conducted a study on cell phone users along with a bunch of other info including how many use smartphones, where their application importance is, and a bunch of other cool facts. Here’s a few good ones I thought were worth bringing up:

• Nearly 51% already own a smartphone and 33% plan to purchase one in the next six months
• Only 9% said they were inclined to switch wireless providers – and nearly all of those would switch to Verizon or AT&T
• The most sought-after apps, in order, are: Internet, email, navigation, games
• Wireless retail store sales associates influence smartphone purchase decisions as much as family, friends and colleagues
• Most will buy their smartphones from a retail store, while merely 13% will buy theirs online

Now to tie in some BlackBerry stats, the firm finds that consumers are more likely to get an Android over an iPhone with the ratio being 34% vs 21%. BlackBerry comes in third with 12%, while 25% remain undecided.

As for purchasing, the Internet is playing a surprisingly minor role as a smartphone sales channel. Eighty-three percent of consumers said they will purchase their smartphones through a retail store, with 60% of those buying from the wireless provider’s store. Just 13% said they will buy online through an e-tailer like Amazon. My guess is that consumers want to touch/feel their new phone before they throw down a large sum of money on the purchase.


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