US Smartphone Penetration

Two-thirds or about 67% of US mobile phone users age 15-24 have a feature phone, according to a new study recently released by The Nielsen Company. “Mobile Youth Around the World” indicates that as of Q2 2010, 28% of US mobile subscribers had smartphones. As a result, youth in the US exceed the population average smartphone penetration by 5%.
The data from the study also indicates that out of eight countries examined, Italy leads in smartphone penetration with 47% of young people ages 15-24 owning a smartphone, compared to 31% of adults over 25. Smartphone penetration among European youth averages 28%, while penetration among older adults in Europe is 27%.

All countries tend to skew male in smartphone adoption with one notable exception; the US, where 55% of smartphone users age 15-24 are female. In the overall US smartphone population, 55% were male. India had the most severe gender imbalance for smartphone use among subscribers 15-24 (80% male).


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