Point. Shoot. Expense!

Mobile Receipt reduces the time and hassle it takes to create an expense report. The application is simple; take a picture of your receipt, enter the receipt details, and generate the expense report, that’s it. No more losing receipts! Mitek’s Mobile Receipt application has processed over a quarter-million receipts so far. Go ahead and jump on the band-wagon and see why people love this application. The Mobile Receipt application is free so you might as well download it and give it a whirl.

What makes Mobile Receipt a great application?
• Mobile Receipt is a 100% mobile app! No desktop export or 3rd party website integration. Capture your receipts and create your expense report from your iPhone.
• If you lose your phone or it breaks, you do not have to worry about your receipts because they are backed up on an online server.
• Simple account setup after app installation. Use your primary email and create a password… that’s it!
• Mobile Receipt is easy to use and simplifies the tedious process of gathering and sorting paper receipts that keeps you mired in paperwork. It prevents the loss of receipts. Eliminates the need for cutting, pasting and scanning. No more faxing or
mailing your expense reports and receipts.
• The picture of the receipt will look nearly identical — or even better— than the original receipt.
• Mobile Receipt saves time, enhances productivity and can help speed-up your reimbursements.
• Creating an expense report is fast and simple. You can use the default PDF report or export the data into your own corporate expense report template.


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