Android Users

Recently, we celebrated the third birthday of Android. This smartphone OS has come a long way since then, and is really giving Apple a run for their money. It seems like a nice time to get a look on what kind of people are buying Android phones, what are their activities on these phones.

The people of at Mobiclix took the pain to compile a few facts about the expanding Android user-base. The key findings and info-graphic have been provided below.

Key Findings:
• 60% of Android users are under the age of 34
• 8% of Android users switched from an iPhone while 45% of Android Users say Android is their first smartphone
• Android users spend most of their time on Email (37%), Games (21%) and Maps/Navigation(8%).
• 46% of Android users prefer a touch screen over a physical keyboard
• Android users spend 1/7th of what iPhone owners spend on in-app gaming purchases
• Android users have an average of 17 apps on their phone vs 28 apps for iPhone users
• Twice as many Android owners than smartphone users will make a purchase or payment on their device each month
• The top 3 free games preferred by Android users are Angry Birds, Solitaire and Jewel


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