Mobile Industry Stats

It is expected that half of the US population will use a Smartphone by the end of 2011 (, 2010)

More than 65 million smartphones are to ship in 2010 in North America (Canalysis, 2010)

Mobile is predicted to be bigger than internet in 5 years (Morgan Stanley, 2010)

74 percent of online retailers have already, or are currently, developing a mobile strategy (Forrester Research study produced in conjunction with, 2010)

The number of available mobile retail applications has increased 350% from 2009 to 2010 (Acquity Group)

7% of Internet Retailer’s Top 500 e-retailers have downloadable mobile apps available to consumers (Internet Retailer, 2010)

44% of retailers plan to enable a mobile app in 2010 (Forbes Insights)

Apparel, accessory and footwear retailers plan to spend an average of $65,000 on mobile this year (Internet Retailer, 2010)

BlackBerry, iPhone and Android devices will account for over 80% of smartphones shipped in the region this year (Canalysis, 2010)


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