Smartphones Help During Your Holiday Shopping

Are smartphones making us smarter? With smartphone users now composing more than 30% of the mobile audience, the smartphone is allowing people to shop in new and smarter ways. InsightExpress released a new Smartphone Shopping Study that further confirms how we are more digital savvy with our new devices.

Here are six ways that smartphones are helping us a Ho-Ho-Ho lot this holiday season:

1. 29% will use their smartphone for price comparisons.
2. 23% will be looking for product reviews.
3. 22% will be receiving sale alerts.
4. 20% will search to see if products are at another store
5. 19% will use mobile barcode scanning apps
6. 19% will receive coupons on their phones

People love to use their cameras to compare and show others what they are buying. People can also use their phones after purchases. An app called Mobile Receipt has helped and continues to help 10’s of thousands of individuals organize their receipts, total them, and even create/send an expense report. People will never need to save their receipts again! Make you life easier this holiday season and get Mobile Receipt- available on Apple’s AppStore today.


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