Men Desire Android Devices, and Women Want iPhone’s

Smartphones running Apple’s iOS and Google’s Android are the most desired among U.S. consumers likely to upgrade their current mobile handset according to a new survey published by The Nielsen Company. While women planning to upgrade lean toward the iPhone, men are targeting Android devices. Smartphones presently make up 29.7 percent of the U.S. mobile device market, Nielsen reports–iOS leads with 27.9 percent of the market, followed by Research In Motion’s BlackBerry at 27.4 percent and Android at 22.7 percent. Among all U.S. smartphone users planning to upgrade their current phone, iOS is the likely destination for 35 percent of respondents, with Android at 28 percent and BlackBerry at 15 percent–however, among feature phone owners looking to upgrade, Android is targeted by 28 percent, edging past iOS at 25 percent and well ahead of BlackBerry at 11 percent.

Among female respondents, 30.9 percent are planning to purchase an iPhone–22.8 percent want an Android smartphone, followed by BlackBerry at 12.5 percent. In addition, 23.8 percent of women say they haven’t yet decided which platform they’ll select. As for men, 32.6 percent plan to go Android, with iOS at 28.6 percent and BlackBerry at 12.8 percent–14.9 percent of males are still weighing their options.

iOS remains the smartphone platform of choice among younger subscribers, with 35.9 percent of respondents ages 18 to 24 desiring the iPhone, compared to 32.0 percent favoring Android; the gap narrows among users 25 to 34, with 31.9 percent citing iOS and 29.8 percent targeting Android. Among respondents ages 35 to 54, Android is favored by 27.4 percent, with iOS at 26.3 percent.

Most smartphone owners exhibit little loyalty to their current mobile operating system, with just 25 percent of consumers planning to stick with their current platform when they next upgrade their phone, according to a global survey published earlier this week by market research firm GfK. iOS fared best, with 59 percent of respondents planning to remain loyal, followed in descending order by BlackBerry (35 percent), Android (28 percent), Symbian (24 percent) and Microsoft’s Windows Phone (21 percent).


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