Phenomenal Growth for Bill Pay

People are buying smartphones at an alarming rate. Apple’s iPhone continues to grow and Android is riding an adoption wave that is bigger than anyone imagined. Due to the high interest and adoption in smartphones, the mobile devices and platforms are innovating at about five times the pace of personal computers.

Rapid advancement in mobile is often attributed to the natural disruption by which emerging industries innovate quickly, while established markets like PCs follow a slower, more sustained trajectory.

The competitive interplay between Apple and Google will continue to help smartphone software outpace PCs. But iOS and Android also benefit wildly from the structure of the smartphone industry. Apple and Google are pushed not just by each other, but by the symbiotic advancement in chipsets and the system integration work of component vendors. The entire smartphone innovation value-chain just works.

It’s this overall combination of component advancement, system integration, and software which will continue to drive unprecedented innovation in mobile. While adoption rates for things such as the internet, online-banking, and online-bill pay are set to grow quickly for people with PC’s at home, that growth will only be greater for mobile.


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