Smartphone Outlook

According to In-Stat (, a very reputable research company, Smart phone purchases are going to do nothing but increase in the future. One finding that In-Stat revealed was that the total small office/Home office sector (SOHO) smartphone market will grow 18% in 2014 compared to 2010. The SOHO business category is comprised of US businesses with one to four employees. The education and professional services sector will be the highest growth vertical market.

Frank Dickson, an In-Stat Research VP mentioned that “Smartphone purchases across all verticals and all US business sizes will increase 14% in 2014 compared to 2010,” and “As both manufacturers and service providers increase the number of smartphone models and applications, we see US businesses finding greater utility from smartphones, thus enhancing worker productivity. The return on investment for providing smartphones is easily understood by US companies.”

Total US business handset market which includes smartphones, feature phones, and basic handsets will see a slight contraction in 2010 before returning to slow but positive growth in 2011. The utilities, mining, and manufacturing vertical markets are exceptions to the trend and will continue to see declines in handsets purchased over the forecast period.


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