Let Us Help Save You Some Time

Time is always of the essence, so let Mitek help save you some time. Mitek’s Mobile Phax application is perfect for anyone who is on the go.

With Mobile Phax, you use the camera on your smartphone to instantly capture a document and email it to as many people as you want. Plus, you always get a copy yourself. You’ll never have to run to Kinko’s again, or worry about having to get back to the office to send a fax. It’s so cool, all you need is an iPhone or BlackBerry. You take pictures of the pages you want to fax, and it send it via e-mail in a PDF formate. It’s that easy, and it’s really cheap!

You can even use your email-to-fax accounts from a long list of providers: eFax, fax(.com), send2fax, greenfax, maxemailsend, myfax, rapidfax, smartfax, trustfax!

As soon as you take a photo of each page, the images are uploaded to the Mobile Phax servers where Mobile Phax’s patent-pending IMagePROVE(TM) technology automatically crops, rotates and scales the image as if you carefully photocopied each one. Your Phax is then converted to a PDF and sent to the recipients you type in or choose from your contact manager. The printed image looks nearly identical to the original — or even better with autofocus cameras.

You can even create Phaxes while offline. Captured images are automatically queued and uploaded the next time you have an internet connection.

It’s not a picture; it’s a Phax, a high-quality copy of a document that looks better than anything you’ve been faxed.


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