The Market Share For Smartphones

Many times within the last few months the news has reported that Google is leading the race when it comes to smartphone shares. The Android has grown and is growing by leaps and bounds as more smartphone consumers opt for the Android OS. The iPhone has its own dominance but its shares have been dropping down. That by no mean should indicate that the iPhone is a bad device or that Steve Jobs’ aging craziness has driven people away from it.

Why do you think Android is growing? Lets keep aside the Android being an excellent OS, lets keep aside the freedom it gives to developers with its Open Environment to regularly update apps in the Android Market Place. Put aside the fact that Apple with its strict policing of the App Store turns your hair gray before your app makes it to the store. Even put aside the hard word that the developer teams put up to bring you jailbreak tools to enable you to use the non-App Store apps.

The major contribution to Android’s immense growth is that it is not a proprietary software. Which is why it has got all major Mobile handset manufacturers rolling out a new model almost every month. We have Samsung, HTC, Motorola, Dell, Acer, producing high end Android handsets. Which gives you that affordability factor. Another major reason is Android is available across multiple carriers. Well we at least hope that next year Apple actually reveals the iPhone 5 on Verizon Wireless and see what impact diversity of a carrier has. In the mean time we are sharing a few graphs to provide an image on how Android has grown compared to the iPhone iOS and BlackBerry.



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