Pay Your Bills Instantly!

Mitek Systems Inc. has just released another creative, forward thinking product, that allows anyone to pay their bills utilizing their smartphones. The latest addition to the Mitek family is called Mobile Photo Bill Pay. With Mobile Photo Bill Pay, it is as easy as “Point. Shoot. Pay.” Paying bills has never been easier. With Mobile Photo Bill Pay from Mitek Systems you just use your smartphone to snap a picture of your bill, verify the payment information and hit “PAY”.

Benefits to Users:
• Let our software do your mobile bill pay payment entry for you!
• Makes paying bills convenient and fast
• Automatically add recurring payee information to online bill payment
• The easiest way to pay non-recurring bills

Benefits to Banks:
• Offer your customers an amazingly quick and easy way to pay bills
• Enhance your e-banking application with best-in-class features
• Extract data from remittance coupons using OCR/ICR
• Simple integration into your applications
• Communication, image processing, data extraction all completely encapsulated
• All heavy processing performed on Mitek’s servers, results returned to phone
• Available for the iPhone. Soon also for BlackBerry and Android


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