Your Smartphone and You

Some people say you can tell a lot about a person just by looking at what they drive, others say by looking at what they wear or what they eat, but in today’s high-tech culture I think we may be about to tell a lot about someone by simply looking at what smart phone they use.

Users of Apple’s iPhone tend to be younger and favor the Macintosh, Android smartphone owners tend to be more technical than the average consumer and BlackBerry users are “old-fashioned.” That’s according to a recent report by Retrevo, a consumer electronics review and shopping website that said it surveyed 7,500 people from March through July of this year.

Several of the questions only yielded slight differences in results. For example, there was only a 1% difference between the percentage of iPhone, Android and Blackberry users who don’t recycle their old devices. But that didn’t stop Retrevo from coming up with a profile for each user category.

According to the website, 49.4% of iPhone owners own at least one Mac. Conversely, households where the Macintosh operating system is listed as the primary technology, users purchase more than three times as many iPhones and almost six times as many iPads. Iphone users are also more likely to make purchases with their handsets and watch television online. For some reason, they are 23% more likely to rent videos from Blockbuster than Android users.

Android users, Retrevo says, tend to be tech-savvy, own net-books, use their phone for GPS navigation and don’t read books (so passé?). Almost a third of Android users surveyed also said they don’t own a landline, compared to just 23% of iPhone and BlackBerry owners.

In a possible sign of the BlackBerry’s diminishing coolness factor, Retrevo says BlackBerry users are slightly more likely to still be using old tube televisions as their primary TV (59% versus 52% of iPhone owners and 57% of Android users), get music from the radio and are less likely to buy things with their phones. They are, however, good citizens; they recycle their old gadgets at a higher rate than owners of other devices (38% versus 37% of iPhone owners and 33% of Android owners), Retrevo found. That is if they live in areas where electronic waste recycling is available.
The average iPhone user is 38.7 years old, compared with 39.3 for Android owners and 41.1 for BlackBerry users, Retrevo said.


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