Smartphone Sales Are Said To Jump 55%

Smartphone makers have a reason to celebrate. Research firm IDC said it expects the smartphone market to grow 55% this year, a greater increase than its previous prediction.

IDC said it now expects handset vendors to ship 269.6 million smartphones this year, compared with the 173.5 million units shipped in 2009. The estimate is 10% higher than IDC had previously estimated. The research firm said the introduction of several new smartphones, including Apple’s iPhone 4, Research In Motion’s BlackBerry Torch, and HTC’s Evo caused it to increase their forecast. IDC also noted that the smartphone market will be crowded by more phones running Google’s Android platform.

Overall, IDC said it expects the wider handset market to grow 14.1% in 2010, or 1.5% higher than its previous forecast. Last year the market fell by 2.8%, according to the firm. IDC also predicted that in 2014 Android will jump from 16.3% market share today to 24.6% in 2014. Appple’s iOS will drop from 14.7 % this year to 10.9% in 2014. According to IDC, Symbian, BlackBerry and Microsoft’s platform will still make up 60% of the market in 2014.

As Harry McCracken of Technologizer notes, however, these long-term predictions should be taken with a grain of salt. In 2006, IDC failed to predict the 2010 picture because it did not account for the rise of the iPhone or Android.

Here is an article that was featured in The Union Tribune that mentions the large smartphone growth.  In the article it specifically mentions Mitek along side Qualcomm as companies that are in great position to benefit from the continual smartphone growth:


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