A Smartphone App that Makes Traveling Easier

While reading USAToday on a recent business trip, I ran across an interesting little article talking about how people use their smartphones while traveling.

The research, conducted by Ypartnership/Harrison Group, reported that 20% of travelers in the United States have downloaded and installed travel related applications to their phones. (Sounds logical, and pretty cool, doesn’t it?)

The study also found:
• 47% used GPS functionality to find their way to a destination
• 46% searched for flight updates
• 29% compared airfares or hotel rates
• 18% booked air travel or lodging
• 15% viewed virtual visitor guides
• 11% downloaded and/or redeemed coupons

I don’t often have to travel long distances for work. But I do have to say, that when I do travel and accumulate several receipts and expenses I use a big time saving app. The app that I love to use when I travel is my “Mobile Receipt” application. Mobile Receipt converts the photo of a receipt taken with your phone into a high quality image with a single touch. It also coverts all the data into a professional looking expense report. It is really easy to use and saves tons of time that would have been spent on paperwork. No more cut and pasting, stapling or faxing. My mobile Receipt application is one app that I will always use when I’m traveling for business.


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