5 Ways Your Smartphone Will Make Your Life Easier

A smartphone is designed to do a whole lot of things, but the one thing that sticks out to me is productivity. With a smartphone, you are able to do so many things faster and more efficiently than you could have with out one. My phone makes my life easier in a bunch of different ways, but here are a few of the main ways in which I believe that my smart phone has made my life easier:

1. Staying on top of my inbox. One of the reasons I resisted the smartphone (and specifically the data plan) was the whole issue of being “reachable”. I mean, we all need a break once in a while. I didn’t want to be ruled by my inbox, constantly checking for mail at every free moment. What I discovered was that taking a few minutes going through my emails throughout the day made managing my inbox a lot easier. I could delete what didn’t matter, respond to items which needed a short answer, and save the others to deal with once I was at a computer with a keyboard. I’ve found great happiness in keeping my inbox in check. Only a few minutes a few times a day glancing and responding to emails yields over an hour of time saved.

2. Scheduling meetings on the fly. Have you ever played email “ping pong” trying to schedule a meeting? How about setting up a private page, with a unique web address, synced to your calendar that acts like a virtual scheduling assistant? What if you could send people to this web address and they could schedule the appointment themselves (within the boundaries you set up), you receive an email letting you know, and the appointment would show up on your calendar? This is what a mobile scheduling tool like Tungle.me can do for you. Use it on your phone and stop playing ping-pong in your inbox. Save that game for the BBQ at your friends house.

3. Shopping. I love food, thus I love to grocery shop. Things like creating a list and remembering to bring it or knowing what a good price is can sometimes be a difficult task, but since I have a smartphone, I don’t have to worry. A shopping list app takes care of my forgetfulness because the list is stored on my phone and always with me, so I can add something to the list whenever I think , and a separate app lets me scan bar-codes on items and tells me what the average price should be, so it prevents me from overspending. It also helps to have my list with me at all times – so I can add capers to the list while I’m poolside at my son’s swim lessons.

4. Keeping my receipts organized. An application called Mobile Receipt converts the photo of a receipt taken with your phone into a high quality image and with a single touch, converts the data into a professional looking expense report. Mobile Receipt is easy to use and prevents you from being mired in paperwork. No more cut and pasting, stapling or faxing. Ahhh, staying organized – it’s the stuff dreams are made of.

5. Remembering passwords. I don’t know about you, but I have a bunch of these. Instead of using the same one for everything (which you are NOT doing, right?) I have a little program that keeps them safe, secure, and accessible only to me. It’s a password protected database of my important passwords (and other bits of info) I keep with me. So, when someone at the bank asks for an account number or password, you don’t have to stumble around trying to find it.


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