Apple and Android are Leaving BlackBerry in the Dust

BlackBerry once owned the smart phone market and had almost the entire market share all to themselves. But now ever since iphone and Android stepped into the picture BlackBerry is being overshadowed. Barbara E. Hernandez of PC World found that more businesses are shifting their loyalties from Blackberry to iPhone and Android devices.

About 75% of the 200 businesses surveyed in the US.. and the U.K reported that their employees are choosing other than Blackberry, Sanford C. Bernstein Ltd. reported to Bloomberg. The number was 83% for U.S. companies. The biggest drop comes from what used to be their most loyal customers, bankers, lawyers and government workers, most of which have moved away from using BlackBerrys.

Several studies on smartphones have predicted the trend, including Nielsen Co. which said that new subscribers for Blackberry dropped and more than half of Blackberry users planned to switch to an iPhone or Android phone. Last month a study by the NPD Group also reported that in 2010’s 2nd quarter, Android phones rose to 33% of the market and RIM’s Blackberry dropped to 28%. The Apple iPhone was 22% of the smartphone market.

One of the latest products, the Blackberry Torch 9800, was deemed adequate but hardly competitive with recent Android devices and the iPhone. With a sluggish browser, a small and low-resolution touchscreen and a cramped keyboard, the phone may only appeal to previous Blackberry users and loyalists. Some are calling RIM’s latest smartphones consolation prizes for executives who wish they could have an iPhone. The business world has spoken loudly and clearly, they want more from RIM and if it expects to stay relevant the company needs to comply. The next few years will tell us if RIM is still able to compete and innovate in the quicksilver mobile arena.


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