Is the iPhone coming to Verizon?

Speculations and rumors over the release of a iPhone on Verizon have been going on for quite some time now and the internet is full of reports related to the release of the Verizon iPhone. A few weeks ago Bloomberg reported that a Verizon iPhone will hit the stores as early as January.

Several other tech websites also reported the same, with some claiming that Apple and Verizon are working tirelessly to release the phone in January next year. The orders from Apple for CDMA chipsets have fuelled the rumors as Verizon uses CDMA technology. At present, AT&T is the exclusive carrier of the iPhone in the US and it uses GSM technology.

Last weekend, rumors surfaced that a Verizon iPhone may actually not be a version of the iPhone 4 at all and the phone will be quite different from the iPhone 4, which went on sale from June 24 across the US. Now a new rumor has been started by Phones Review, sourced from Intomobile and AppleInsider. According to rumors, Apple is currently testing the latest beta of iOS 4.1 on a few devices like a new iPad and new iPod. Recently, it was reported that Apple is planning to launch a 7-inch version of the iPad.

Notably, one of the products, which are being tested by the Cupertino-based firm, is a device which is unknown and it is simply listed as “unknownHardware” in USB configuration files for the iOS 4.1 beta. It has led to rumors that the unknown hardware is a Verizon CDMA iPhone and if by any chance it is not a Verizon iPhone, then we can consider it as some other device, which will go on sale soon.


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