An Updated look at Smartphone Numbers

Here are some quick facts/figures on smartphones from last past year:

*June – July 2010*
– There are approximately 400 million mobile broadband subscriptions. Ericsson predicts this will grow to over 3.5 billion by 2015.
– Smartphones comprised 19% of total mobile handset sales for Q2 2010.
– There are 93,333 Apple iPhones sold each day.
– Online pre-orders for the iPhone 4 topped 600,000 on the first day.

*April – May 2010*
– 55 million smartphones were sold in Q1 2010. This is now 18% of the mobile handset market and growing, rapidly.
– iPhone users spend 30 minutes a day using one or more iPhone apps.
– The 185,000 apps available on Apple’s App Store have been downloaded a total of 4 billion times.
– There are over 50,000 apps in the Android Market.
– The top 100 apps in the App Store earn $300,000 a day.

*March 2010*
– There are over 4 billion mobile phones in use.
– There are 150,000 apps on the iTunes App Store.
– This month saw the development of over 9,000 new apps for the Android
– 45 million Americans have smartphones.
– Apple had its 3 billionth App download.
– Apple generates more revenue (and profit) from iPhone than the Mac line and iPod line combined.

– About 175 million smartphones were sold in 2009, a 24% increase from the previous year.


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