Mobile Receipt, “A Top 5 Personal Finance App”

Some people are addicted to their cell phones, whether they love to talk, text or play games. If your phone is surgically attached to your hand, too, you should consider taking advantage of the applications that can help you manage your finances and even save you money in the process.

Here’s a compilation of’s top five financial apps, chosen for their superior combination of innovation, usability and overall function:

1. Debt Dog
iPhone, iPod Touch, iPad: $0.99
This app gives users a serious reality check about the debt they’re about to take on in the form of a loan or credit card.
Debt Dog allows you to enter the amount you plan to borrow, leave in a pre-set interest rate or enter your own, add in an optional monthly payment and then it calculates how much you’re really going to pay in total. The app also tells you how many payments you’ll make and over what period of time. It really makes that flat screen with 20 percent interest look a lot less attractive.

2. BillMinder
iPhone, iPod Touch, iPad: $0.99
Are you forgetful? Do you lose money to missed payment fees and extra interest? BillMinder is meant to organize all of your bills into one convenient calendar and remind you which one is due when. It’s a great tool for the scatterbrained or anyone loaded with expenses to keep track of. You can also see how your month compares to previous billing periods and lets you mark off bills that have been paid so you can see what’s outstanding.
The only problem? You have to remember to remember. If you don’t check your app on a daily basis, you still won’t remember to pay your bills!

3. ShopSavvy
iPhone, Android: Free
Don’t worry, there’s a great app for non-iPhone users as well. ShopSavvy is the Android’s top app, used by more than 5.5 million people around the world, and with good reason.
Users can actually scan the bar code of an item they wish to purchase using the built-in camera, then compare the price against local and online retailers. The app takes care of comparison shopping so you know you’re always getting the best deal. In fact, it provides access to more than 20,000 retailers and 20,000,000 products. How awesome it that?

4. Mobile Receipt Basic
iPhone, selected BlackBerry, Windows Mobile and Android: $4.99
When tax season rolls around, do you find yourself sifting through a pile of wrinkled receipts so you can write-off expenses? Mobile Receipts makes the whole process a lot simpler, allowing you to capture an image of any receipt and record the date, amount, category and any notes related to the purchase.
This app is a bit pricier, but it’s worth the trouble it saves you. You can store all of your receipts in one convenient place until tax time so you never miss a deduction, or create an expense report for work whenever you need to. The basic version allows you to add 30 receipts per month, or you can splurge on the Pro version (unlimited) for $14.99.

5. BuySellRent
iPhone, iPod Touch, iPad: $9.99
This is the ultimate app for anyone involved in real estate or looking to change their place of residence. BuySellRent can perform a variety of functions like divide properties you’re looking at into which ones you want to buy, sell or rent and keep track of addresses, find maps, and store photos along with notes. It can also help you decide whether you’re better off buying a home or renting one, calculate monthly loan payments and estimate proceeds from real estate sales.


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