Using Checks in your Daily Routine

It doesn’t take too much effort to think of ways in which checks can be a hassle. Our society today wants/demands things immediately, and sometimes writing a check won’t give you the immediate satisfaction that you crave. Some people can even go a little crazy when a person in the front of a line pulls out a checkbook to write a check, and some argue that the only time they ever write is for rent.

Beyond all the ways that checks are said to be a hassle, there are a number of ways in which they are beneficial and or the only option. Here are some of the many ways:

1. Some people/establishments don’t accept credit cards.
Where do you plan to swipe your card when you have to exchange money with another person and don’t have the cash? The reality is there are many day-to-day situations in which using a credit card will not be an option. From time to time we might find ourselves in debt to a friend or family member, and the easiest way to repay them is by writing a check. Personal checks can be used to pay the babysitter or serviceman, placed in a card as birthday gift, when writing out an offering at church or donating to your favorite charity.

2. Better Control of Personal Finances.
Many Americans have found themselves spiraling into debt because they overused their credit cards/overspent. It became far too easy to whip a card out of your wallet and make a payment without really considering how it could affect your life down the road. That’s one of the reasons slowing down and writing a personal check is a good idea. It gives the buyer some time to think about the amount of money being spent, and leads to more responsible spending habits. People who use checks are also more likely to keep better track of their personal finances. With credit cards, it’s easy to forget how the amount that you owe is growing and growing.

3. Checks are Good for Business.
Because of the existence of check fraud and problems with insufficient funds, some businesses no longer accept personal checks. However, you’ll also run into businesses that don’t accept credit cards and would much rather take a check. Businesses are charged fees for credit and debit card transactions. But that’s not the case with personal checks.

4. Personal Checks Have Personality.
One of the best things about personal checks is that they can be personalized. Picking out the design that matches your personality can be a fun and fulfilling experience. You could look for checks featuring your favorite sports team, beautiful scenery, animal checks depicting dogs and cats and much more. When you order checks online you’ll find a practically endless supply of choices. The design printed on your checks say something about who you are as an individual. They can also be great conversation starters.

–> It will be MANY MANY MANY years before the use of checks as a viable payment option disappears completely.


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