JD Power Rates The iPhone As The Best Business Smartphone

In case you need another reason to get purchase a smartphone, I’ll inform you of JD Power & Associates’ recent study. The study ranked the top smartphones for “business smartphone users.” It was measured on 5 key factors: Ease of operation, operating system, physical design, handset features, and battery aspects. Apple came out ahead and ranked highest among overall smartphone customer satisfaction with a score of 778 out of 1,000. Analysts stated that apple was “performing particularly well in the ease of operation, physical design and handset factors.” BlackBerry followed Apple and had a score of 703, and then Samsung with 701.

This is a big deal for Apple and its iPhone, and just goes to show why Research in Motion and its BlackBerry have a little more to worry about: JD Power and Associates ranked the iPhone highest in customer satisfaction, not for everyday consumers as you might expect. But for “business wireless smartphone users.”

This is significant because Apple originally set out to build a smartphone for consumers that hopefully business users would eventually adopt. It was a way to address the market that RIM had practically ignored by creating a business-friendly BlackBerry at the expense of the kinds of things consumers really wanted, like multimedia, cameras, games, etc. It would appear, based on the JD Power report, that business users like what they see when it comes to iPhone.

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