Making Business Travel Easier

Odds are if you are a business man/woman you do some of your travel on commercial planes and private jets. As of lately you might be able to say that you are doing a little bit more traveling compared to a year ago. A recent study conducted by the International Airlines Travel Association (IATA) found that in the first quarter of 2010, the number of premium seats sold on commercial planes (business/1st-class) was up 7.6% over the same quarter in 2009.

These statistics that the IATA have found illustrate growth in our economy. Growth in our economy is great news, but keeping track of all of your receipts for company reimbursement is not fun at all. Trying to save receipts for airfare, cabs, meals, hotels, etc, can be an overwhelming and tedious task. Thankfully, there is an application that can help you cope with all the receipts. Mobile Receipt reduces the time and hassle it takes to create an expense report. Take a picture of your receipt, enter the receipt details, and generate the expense report. No more losing receipts! Click here to check out how quick and easy it is to take pictures of your receipts and create an expense report from your iPhone.


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