Mobile Banking with Smart-phones

Interesting fact! –> On June 16th 2010, the latest Javelin  Strategy & Research report found that 1 in 5 of all U.S. adults own a smart-phone.  In my opinion,  it’s only a matter of time before all cell phones become smart-phones.

Today, time is everything.  Phrases such as “I  don’t have enough time” and “can I do this another time, I have to go” are heard almost daily.  Time is of the essence for almost everyone.  The idea of giving someone more mobility/flexibility when it comes to doing certain things will most likely correlate to giving someone more time.  With additional time, people can accomplish more and do the things that are of the up most importance to them.  When companies start/continue to use the wide range of capabilities that smart-phones have to offer, users will be have more time yielding greater flexibility, productivity, and happiness.

Banks that have implemented mobile banking so far are a great examples of companies that are utilizing the capabilities of smartphones to give their users more flexibility/time.   More and more banks are offering mobile banking, but the ones that add Mobile Deposit to their mobile banking offering will give their users the most time and thus have the most satisfied customers.


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