Mobile Receipt Helps Keep Attorney On The Case

Mary Farrell is an attorney who runs her own firm specializing in all aspects of labor and employment law.  In her practice, one of the topics that comes up from time to time is one of “unintentional misuse.” In layman terms this
means using something for a purpose other than which it was originally designed.  Usually in regards to the law, when someone is talking about unintentional misuse something bad has happened.  Not in this case.

We originally designed Mobile Receipt with the truly mobile professional in mind. The Road Warrior.  The person in the field.  We didn’t fully anticipate how small business owners would use Mobile Receipt to track all of their expenses.

As with many small businesses, Mary is in charge of the business as well as the business of the business. She uses QuickBooks as her primary accounting system and refers to Mobile Receipt as her “mobile accounting system.”  She set up categories for her expense reports within Mobile Receipt that mirror the categories she has set up within QuickBooks. She captures receipts on the fly In Mobile receipt for items like taxis, client meals and marketing and then sorts the reports by category for easy input into QuickBooks. Along the way she is creating an additional backup for her own accounting system and increasing her efficiency.

Mobile Receipt is part of our Oomph (Office On My PHone), suite of productivity apps for smartphones, and as we continue to add new applications we’re going to look much more closely at the potential  for how others might be using them.


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