Mobile Receipt – Part of a road warrior’s suite of travel apps

Phil Covert travels quite a bit in his role as a Director at a SAAS, software as a service, company. Since he’s on the road so often, he has put together his own suite of Apps that he uses on his iPhone when he travels for work.


Mobile Receipt is as important a part of his travel suite as Flight Status, Yelp and Southwest Airlines.

Here’s what Phil had to say about Mobile Receipt:
“Mobile Receipt is a fantastic product for the iPhone that has greatly improved my productivity while traveling on business.   Now, instead of taping and faxing receipts, I just take a picture of them and Mobile Receipt creates an expense report for me.”

“Then I insert that report directly into the ADP Concur software used by our company which allows receipts to be entered electronically.  I’m done.”

What Apps do you use when you’re on the road for business? If you’re using Mobile Receipt let us know at press at miteksystems dot com.

PS – Phil it looks like you have two missed calls


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